Wednesday, 28 October 2015

November News

First Sunday, this Sunday, and The LRM will be gathering 2pm outside the Crown and Kettle Oldham Road (top of Oldham Street). We'll be exploring the rapidly changing Ancoats environment using some sort of a game - much more DIY ramshackle fun than last months performance tour! All welcome.

On Friday I am also organising a gig, this isn't psychogeographical but I put on occasional gigs for bands I really love and it would be splendid to see lots of loiterers there for Case Hardin with Quiet Loner and Steve Roberts (Quiet Loner joined us on the streets for our We Shall Overcome wander) more details and tickets here:

PS The call for participation in our forthcoming exhibition / festival at The Peoples History Museum is open until 7th December and more than happy to discuss ideas with anyone interested

Sunday, 18 October 2015

New adventures in music

time for a night of wonderful music, brilliant storytelling and all around good times. Not psychogeography but I hope you will forgive me - I only put on bands I really, truly love and there wont be another gig organised by me for ages now - so please, do try and come to see Case Hardin on Friday 30th October at The Britons Protection. Tickets here:

Thursday, 1 October 2015

First Sunday This Sunday

Hi everyone,

FIRST SUNDAY THIS SUNDAY and as mentioned its going to be a bit special. We are dedicating our walks to 'WE SHALL OVERCOME' WEEKEND OCT 2/3/4 2015​ and will be sharing stories of public/private space, radical history, community resistance and more

Join us 2pm Wilmslow Railway Station on Saturday
10am Outside the People's History Museum with special music accompaniment from Quiet Loner​ and Steve Durrant

Please bring donations to the walks for FoodFriend (local food bank in Wilmslow) and The Booth Centre (Manchester)  We have also been given some rather nice badges and suchlike to sell

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

More details of the Peoples History Museum Call Out

Hello everyone
I’m thrilled by how much interest there has been in our call for contributors to our People’s History Museum exhibition next year (the guidelines are pinned above if anyone missed them).

I know lots of loiterers have taken some wonderful photographs of First Sunday dérives over the years and we want to include some of them in the exhibition (we will cover printing costs of digital photos). Please watch out for more details, and in the meantime think about which pictures you would like to share.

There have been a few FAQs so thought I’d answer them here as well in case they are useful to anyone else

We said we want “original” artwork and perhaps we should have said contemporary, as it does not have to be created just for the exhibition, although it can be. To clarify it should be your own original work and relevant to the exhibition themes. If it has been shown / published before that is OK, if it has never been seen by anyone before that is also OK.

Everyone has to fill out an application form because we feel that is the fairest and easiest way to assess entries.  I hope you understand that we can not let friends sneak in as that wouldn’t be right. We want to encourage as many applications as possible and to be transparent in how we deal with them.

If anything in the guidelines is unclear, or you would like to discuss a particular idea do please get in touch with the curatorial team  ( or we can have a chat on either of the walks we are organising this weekend for We Shall Overcome (2pm Wilmslow Station on Saturday, 10am Peoples History Museum Manchester on Sunday)

Please do get applications in before the deadline – 7th December - and I'll post details of the First Sunday photo call out very soon

Cheers and thanks as ever for your support


Sunday, 13 September 2015

The LRM at The People's History Museum: Call for Contributions

Loitering With Intent (working title)
Call for Submissions

We are delighted that between July-September 2016 The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) will be curating an exhibition in the community gallery of The People’s History Museum. We want its content to be exciting, inspiring and diverse, reflecting the nature of psychogeography, and so we are inviting applications from anyone who wishes to take part.

We are looking for original art work and archive material that explores any of these themes:
O  Psychogeography (however you choose to define it)
O  Creative walking, walking art and walking as a cultural or political practice
O  Public / private space and the right to the city
O  DIY, creative, activist and other interesting maps and map making
O  The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) and our events
O  Radical, emotional and hidden histories, especially of or linked to Manchester
O  The Situationist International and their legacy
O  Critical geographical responses to urban issues and inequalities such as surveillance, gentrification, homogenisation etc.

Any kind of art or artefact is welcome – photos, prints, painting, drawing, film, audio, sculpture etc. We also have some capacity to include events, performances and walks etc. There will be an accompanying blog and possibly other literature so we welcome writers who wish to contribute as well.  We are very open to new ideas so please do get in touch.

Things to consider:
The Peoples History Museum is family friendly and all work must be suitable for a wide audience. There are also some logistical restrictions due to the nature of the space, more information about this will be provided where relevant.

The majority of the material in the exhibition will be focused on Greater Manchester and the North West but we hope to include some work from farther afield.
You do not have to be a professional artist, and applications from groups / collectives are also welcome.

Previous involvement with The LRM isn’t essential, but we envisage the majority of work featured will have some link, however tenuous. This can include attending, or reacting to, any of our walks or other events or contributing to an online conversation via facebook or twitter.

The LRM is a not-for-profit collective and everyone gives their time for free so we are unable to pay anyone to exhibit. However, we don’t want anyone to be out of pocket or unable to contribute because of expenses so if you need any resources to participate (eg transporting work to the exhibition or to meet access requirements) please let us know and we will do our best to help. We currently have a small budget from previous fundraising and will actively seek more if necessary. Please don’t spend any money on this application without checking with us first.

Please be aware we have limited space so decisions will be made by a panel. We will consider the quality, intent, originally and relevance of every application as well as how it fits within the overall exhibition. We will let applicants know our decision as soon as possible after the closing date.

Background Information

The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) is a Manchester based collective of artists and activists interested in psychogeography, public space and the hidden stories of the city. Formed in 2006 we still can’t agree on what psychogeography means but we all like plants growing out of the side of buildings, looking at things from new angles, radical history, drinking tea and getting lost. We believe there is magick in the Mancunian rain. Our city is wonderful and made for more than shopping. We want to reclaim it for play and revolutionary fun…. On the first Sunday of every month we go for a wander of some sort. These derives, or drifts, help decode the palimpsest of the streets, uncover power structures and discover the extraordinary in the mundane. We also organise occasional festivals, exhibitions and other random shenanigans. These have included building cake maps, playing CCTV bingo, tracing lost rivers and collaborating on projects like Manchester’s Modernist Heroines. Our events are always free and open to everyone.

The People’s History Museum in Manchester is the national museum of democracy.  They aim to engage, inspire and inform diverse audiences by showing ‘There have always been ideas worth fighting for’. This exhibition will take place in The Engine Hall.

How to apply

To apply please complete the pro forma – do not send us your work. You can download the form from  or you can email
The email address to send applications to is
The deadline for receipt of applications is noon on Monday 7th December 2015

For more information

contact Morag Rose  
Email  tweet @thelrm or call 07974929589


Friday, 11 September 2015

Oh! October! It's going to be fabulous

October is going to be an excellent month for Loitering and I really hope you will be able to join us.

The first weekemd is "We Shall Overcome" Weekend - a show of solidarity and rage against austerity. More details are in the post below. Both wanders will blend radical and secret histories, the blurred lines between public and private space, ghost stories and a bit of dramatic ranting. All events are collecting for local projects supporting people affected by austerity so please bring a donation (canned food, gloves food, etc)

Find us at:
Wilmslow Railway Station 2pm Saturday 3rd October (collection for Food Friends)
Outside The People's History Museum Manchester 10am Sunday 4th October (for The Booth Centre)

 October 15th is The Walking Inside Out Symposium in Sheffield, and a few free tickets remain for this discussion on Contemporary British Psychogeography.

Finally, we are going to finish the month with some great music - not psychogeographical but an excellent night out with Case Hardin at The Britons Protection

 This is all very excited and I would love to share these special events with you. For more details please contact tweet @thelrm



The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) is a Manchester based collective of artists and activists interested in psychogeography, public space and the hidden stories of the city.

We can’t agree on what psychogeography means but we all like plants growing out of the side of buildings, looking at things from new angles, radical history, drinking tea and getting lost; having fun and feeling like a tourist in your home town. Gentrification, advertising and blandness make us sad. We believe there is magick in the mancunian rain.

Our city is wonderful and made for more than shopping. We want to reclaim it for play and revolutionary fun….

The LRM embark on psychogeographical drifts to decode the palimpsest of the streets, uncover hidden histories and discover the extraordinary in the mundane. We aim to nurture an awareness of everday space, (re)engaging with and (re)enchanting the city.

On the first Sunday of every month we go for a wander of some sort and we also organise occasional festivals, exhibitions, shows, spectacles, silliness and other random shenanigans. Please come and join us; everyone is welcome.

Please accept our apologies for the rather shabby nature of the blog at the moment; I am in the process of making it lovelier but I keep getting distracted, I'd so much rather be on the street than staring at a screen. I promise it will be sorted soon. In the meantime if you fancy a blether or a beer or just want to find out about what loitering can do for you please get in touch:

Twitter @thelrm
Facebook group the loiterers resistance movement

We hope to see you playing out with us soon xx